07-08 November 2018 | Holiday Inn West, Edinburgh

This course will cover the statistical background to the mixed model and will emphasise their practical application to medical data with particular reference to clinical trials. All analyses will be illustrated using SAS (mainly PROC MIXED and PROC GLIMMIX) and lectures will be combined with practical sessions in order to reinforce concepts. Topics covered include:

Day 1

  • General concepts and underlying statistical theory
  • Use of PROC MIXED
  • Application in multi-centre trials
  • Application in crossover trials
  • Consideration of issues such as biased standard errors, significance testing and negative variance components

 Day 2

  • Application in repeated measures trials
  • Generalised linear mixed models (GLMMs) and PROC GLIMMIX
  • Overview of other types of mixed models: for categorical data, highly structured data; brief introduction to the Bayesian approach and PROC MCMC

Practical sessions will focus on constructing models and interpreting results from SAS output and will not involve "hands on" computer work.

Registration will be from 9am on Day 1 and the course will end at 3pm on Day 2.